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Garden Guide for February

The Edible Garden

Protect your vegetables from White Butterfly

Protect brassicas (brocolli, cauliflower and cabbage) from white butterfly using ‘Yates Success Ultra’ or ‘Yates Mavrik’ or ‘Yates Derris Dust’.

Alternatively you can cover your crop with bug netting supported over cane or metal hoops. This also adds protection against birds.

January, February, March, December

General Tasks


The golden rule to watering is to water less often, but to water more deeply. This will encourage roots to go further down and seek water from the subsoil. Light watering on the surface every day has the opposite effect. For most gardens, a couple of times a week for a long period is better than watering every evening for a short time.

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The Flower Garden

Garden Mums

Great colour in the garden are ‘garden mums’ also know as chrysanthemums. These are late summer and autumn flowering beauties! They are drought resistant and love the sun. They will tolerate poor soils and grow in any well drained spot.  They are available in a range of colours including; yellow, red, pink, burgundy, white & burnt orange. Most of them will grow about 50-70cm high. Check them out they are spectacular!

January, February, March
Spring Bulbs

Time to purchase spring bulbs. Check out the range in store now; daffodils, hyacinth, grape hyacinth, gladioli nanas, crocus, iris reticulata and more available be in quick for the best selection. Check out our planting guide here.

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