Lily Bulbs


Lilies are big, beautiful, elegant blooms that will bring many years of beauty, colour and fragrance to your garden. Planting several different varieties will ensure blooms all summer long.

The  two most popular types of Lilies loved by gardeners are Asiatic Lilies and Oriental Lilies. Asiatic Lilies are the earliest to bloom and the easiest to grow. Hybrids come in pure white, pinks, vivid yellows, oranges, and reds though they lack fragrance they are a favorite with floral arrangers.

Oriental Lilies bloom in mid- to late summer, complementing Asiatic Lilies as Asiatic Lilies are just beginning to fade.  Oriental Lilies produce 12-20cm blooms on strong stems 80-120cm high. They are adored for their intoxicating spicy fragrance that intensifies after dark.

Choose a site that is in full day sun or at least half day sun, with good drainage. a spot that dries out quickly after rain. Dig holes to about 15 cm in depth, and about 15 cm apart. Plant a bulb in each hole, flat side down. Fertilise when the growing tip appears above the soil. Tip: snap off old flowers or seed pods to encourage healthy bulb growth.