Not all lettuces are created equal! Lettuces and salad greens come in  many varieties. ‘Cos varieties’ have long slender, crisp leaves that are traditionally used in caesar salads. ‘Loose leaf’ varieties are good for picking as you go. ‘Iceberg’ are hearting lettuces, and generally are left to be fully formed, before harvesting. A couple of iceberg varieties we stock are ‘Great Lakes’ and ‘Salad. Some lettuces are ‘bolt resistant’ (‘bolt’ means goes to seed), which is a great advantage as a lettuce usually becomes quite bitter once it ‘bolts’.

Lettuce Buttercrunch – A favourite that is crisp, and sweet tasting. Bolt resistant
Rocket – Not a lettuce but used in salads. Has a distinctive mustard flavour
Red Sails – A fast growing red lettuce
Corn Salad – Ideal substitute for the usual salad greens. Grows well in the cold. A pleasant sharp flavour.
Green Salad Bowl – Loose Leaf lettuce
Cos Red – Loose leaf red lettuce
Oakleaf Red Lettuce – Brownish, red leaves can be picked one leaf at a time.
Lettuce Mini – Small solid heads, use fresh in salads or for garnish
Lettuce Freckles – Semi-cos heirloom. Sweet flavour. Doesn’t bolt.
Lettuce Aphid & Mildew Resistant – As the name suggests.
Frisbie– Pick as you go, same texture & crunchiness as icebergs