Potato Time whether you prefer new potatoes covered in melted butter and chopped herbs or delicious crunchy roast potatoes we have the seed potato for you. If you grow your own potatoes not only will you have delicious potatoes to eat but bragging rights at your next BBQ or dinner party that they are out of your garden

Potato Catergories

Waxy which hold their shape and are perfect for boiling and salads (low in

starch)or Floury which will give you dreamy mash and the best roasties (high in starch)what you like to eat should help you pick what type to grow.

‘Early’ and ‘Main’ crops refer to how long the potatoes take to reach maturity.Knowing the length of time and the end use for the potato ( ie salad or roasted)  will help you plan your crop, particularly if you are supplying a special event or day.

First Early Potatoes are small, new potatoes that can be harvested approximately 10 weeks from planting
and are ideal for growing in containers or bags.Second Early Potatoes are similar but take approximately 13 weeks to harvest.

Main crop potatoes produce larger potatoes that are ideal for baking or roasting.These are ready to harvest in approximately 20 weeks from planting and can be grown in containers, but do better in the ground with more room to spread.

Favourite Varieties

Three favourite varieties are:

Agria: a main crop potato with long oval shaped with yellow flesh it is a great all rounder.

Heather: this main crop potato has a distinctive purple skin, it is oval shaped with white flesh and like Agria is versatile in its range of uses.

Jersey Benne: this early variety is an oval to kidney shaped potato with white skin and white flesh, it is an excellent potato for mashing or boiling, soups, casseroles and salads. If planting potatoes in August and September you should have a nice new crop for Christmas.

Early Crop Varieties

Rocket: take 65 days to maturity with White skin and waxy flesh.

Ilam Hardy: approximately 70-80 days to maturity. White skin and flesh. Floury Potato. Many flowers.

Cliff Kidney: takes 80-90 days to maturity. White skin and flesh. Flowers absent. Waxy potato.

Second Early/Main Crop

Purple Passion: takes 75 days to mature and has unusual purple skin and a cream flesh. It is a good all purpose potato which means it can be successfully used for salads or roasting.

Nadine:  takes 85 days to mature and has a waxy texture. They have white skin and flesh.

Swift:  also take 65 days to maturity with white skin and waxy flesh. High yielding variety. Flowers rare.

Summer Delight: Cream/Yellow skin and flesh. Round to oval shape with shallow eyes. A great all rounder with excellent flavour.

Purple Heart: is an early main cropping potato that matures in approximately 80-90 days from planting. The tuber is an oval shape with shallow eyes, the skin is deep purple and smooth. The flesh is purple toned. It is a great general purpose potato that can be used for salads, boiling and microwaving. This variety is high in antioxidants with strong health benefits.

Main Crop

Red Rascal: takes 100 days to mature. It has red skin and white flesh and is a good floury potato.

Moonlight: takes 95 days to mature. It is a high yielding variety white skin and flesh that is a good all purpose potato.

Rua: takes 100 days to mature. White skin and flesh. Good all rounder. High yielder and a good keeper. Many flowers.

Desiree: takes 90-100 days to maturity. Pink skin and cream flesh. Good all rounder. Many flowers.

Pink Fir Apple: A very long potato with a pink blush over a cream skin.The firm yellow flesh has a delicious nutty flavour. Ideal for boiling, roasting in jackets & salads.

Maori Potatoes

Taewa were brought from South America to NZ in the late 18th century by Europeans. Maori cultivated the Taewa (potato) amd gave them Maori names. They vary in size and colour but tend to have a purple/blackish skin with yellow or white flesh. Taewa take approximately 17 weeks to harvest, from planting

Huakaroro: Round, oval with a cream skin, and cream flesh. Is a waxy potato (great for boiling) with a ‘buttery’ taste.  A good keeper.

Moemoe: A round/oval potato with a light purple/cream skin and cream flesh. Ideal for boiling and baking.