In all sections of the garden it’s a busy time for hoeing and pulling out weeds. After rain showers they will grow very rapidly. Regular attention prevents weeds from smothering vegetables, flowers and small shrubs

Months: November, October, September


The golden rule to watering is to water less often, but to water more deeply. This will encourage roots to go further down and seek water from the subsoil. Light watering on the surface every day has the opposite effect. For most gardens, a couple of times a week for a long period is better than watering every evening for a short time.

Months: February, January, March, November, October, September

Stunning Pot Displays

Try these in pots to make vibrant & stunning displays in sunny spots; red & white geraniums, pelargoniums, petunias, blue lobelia with white alyssum.

Months: November, October

Protect Plants

Keep an eye on the weather, be prepared to protect young plants with temporary covers from unseasonable cold or hail storm, strong and cold wind or torrential rain which can strike at any time.

Months: November, October

Pots in the Shade

Try these for pots in shady areas; impatien, fuchsia, hydrangea, leafy hostas or heuchera with trailing lobelia for added colour.

Months: November, October