Radermachera Sinica 2.5lt


Radermachera sinica

China Doll, Emerald Tree, Asia Bell Tree

A small tree featuring clusters of delicate, glossy, rich green leaflets.  Mature specimens produce large, white, scented flowers in summer. Can be grown indoors as a statement plant and outdoors, ideal for screening or as a specimen tree. Mature size of 6m high by 4m wide in 10 years.

Thrives outdoors in frost-free areas with shelter from harsh winds. Indoors, provide a position with bright, indirect light. Some direct morning and evening light is ideal, but best protected from hot afternoon sun. Allow soil to partially but not completely dry out between waterings. Keep lightly moist. Fertilise regularly with liquid plant food in spring and summer. Responds well to heavy pruning.

Sold in a 2.5L pot. Image is an example of product and slight variations are to be expected.

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