Winter flowers to choose

There is a huge range of flowering plants to choose from, for your winter garden. These include

  • poppies
  • sweet William
  • stocks
  • polyanthus
  • cineraria
  • calendula
  • antirrhinums
  • dianthus
  • lobelia (in frost sheltered spots)
  • kale
  • primulas

to name a few. Plant these flowers to give cheerful colour during the coming months. Come in and check out the range available in the garden centre now.

Months: April, June, May

Time to sow Sweet Peas

Now is the time to sow sweet pea seeds for a fragrant and colourful, winter/ spring display. To help germination of the seed, soak the sweet pea seeds in water for several hours, before planting. This well soften the shell of the seed. Plant your seed in a sunny and well drained site

Months: April, March, May

Pansies are back!

Its pansy planting time! Pansies are the most popular winter flowering bedding plant. They are suitable for sun or shade, pots and gardens. They are a truly good looking, long flowering versatile plant – check out the wide selection available in stores now.

Months: April, May