Tui PN Potting Mix 30L

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Performance Naturals give you all the power of synthetics with a performance that’s 100% natural, just like the garden you’re keeping. So you get outstanding results without adding anything un-natural to your own environment. Good stuff! Our Potting Mix is formulated using NatureN, a fast acting natural ingredient that is super rich in nutrients.

Added magnesium will promote healthy green leaves and boost the performance of your potted plants, while biostimulants and sheep pellets act as soil and plant conditioners, maximising nutrient availability and uptake. Use in pots and containers to create optimum growing conditions for your potted plants.

Natural ingredients get great results and that’s got to be good! Performance Naturals.


  • NatureN – A unique, fast acting natural source of nutrients to promote rapid growth.
  • 100% natural ingredients including sheep pellets and seaweed to provide ideal growing conditions in pots and containers.
  • Slow release feeding coupled with fast action feeding for optimum potted plant health.
  • Packaging made from 50% recycled plastic.
  • 100% weed free.

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