Ficus Lyrata Bambino 15cm

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Ficus lyrata ‘Bambino’ – Dwarf Fiddle Leaf

A dwarf variety of the well-known Fiddle Leaf Ficus. Sporting the classic, rich green, fiddle-shaped leaves, with a smaller, more compact growth pattern. The Bambino variety develops a darker shade of leaf which are smaller and thicker than that of a traditional lyrata. The foliage grows more closely together, providing the look of a tidier, fuller plant.

Provide a warm position with bright, indirect light. Direct early morning or late evening light can be beneficial, as long as the plant is shaded from the hot afternoon sun. Avoid subjecting to drafts. Allow soil to dry partially between waterings. Fertilise with liquid plant food once a month during the active growing season.

Sold in a 15cm diameter pot. Image is an example of product and slight variations are to be expected.

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