Aranui School Vegetable Competition Profile

Our final garden

Aranui School hopes the groundwork they are laying in their gardening project will encourage future students to continue the programme.

Principal Maryann Roberts said a garden group of around 10 students from the senior class, Poutama, were in charge of the garden.

With planting, watering, weeding, composting and more involved in the project, Roberts said it had been a fantastic experience so far. “It has been great, the children have really enjoyed it.”

Aranui School veggie garden

Update April 15th

Aranui are enjoying the garden and the kids are out every couple of days looking after it, “it’s in a very sheltered and sunny spot so watering the garden is very important.” The kids have said that they have made some gardens at home and are looking forward to eating some healthy foods.

Aranui School Vegetable Garden Team with Gareth Carter from Springvale Garden Centre
Aranui School staff and students receive their Vegetable Garden Starter Kit from Gareth Carter, Springvale Garden Centre General Manager.

“At Aranui School, we are passionate about
community projects. The opportunity to
participate in this gardening project
gives our children the opportunity to learn
all there is to learn about gardening while
establishing gardening as an enjoyable, easy
and healthy pastime that can be shared with